Dr. Nguyen is offering a Fall Special for a new type of botox called Jeuveau! FDA approved, Jeuveau is the “Newtox” that recently launched and is taking the community by storm.

Our practice is offering a new launch pricing of $8 per unit through the end of May. To take advantage of this special and learn more about the “Newtox” product, call (657) 900-5055 to book your complimentary consultation. 


Microneedling resurfaces your skin by using very fine needles to create 14 micro-punctures in your skin 720 times each minute.

The trauma from the micro-punctures stimulates your skin to regenerate elastin and collagen, improving its texture and turgor. As the skin heals, you will notice over the next few weeks that your fine lines and wrinkles start to decrease. This may continue over several months as the skin rebuilds itself.

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